Easiest (and cheapest) C Serum Ever


This is a great go-to vitamin C serum adapted from Sophie at Gorgeously Green. Vitamin C has numerous benefits to the skin. It helps generate new collagen growth, aids in healing, fights free radical damage, and helps lighten hyperpigmentation. The tricky thing about vitamin C in skin care products is its short shelf life. There’s a good chance many vitamin C products out there do not have a stable form of the antioxidant. And the best products, which are probably a lot better, are expensive! Fortunately there’s a super easy way to get this amazing vitamin into your skin for a fraction of the cost. Dr. Perricone experimented with homemade vitamin C products before he came out with his line of pricey products, and noted the results even with his rudimentary concoction. And I’m okay with rudimentary. I really think this serum is beneficial to the skin and you don’t have much to lose in trying it.

You can make bigger batches, but it takes mere seconds to mix so I just do it each time I want to apply- usually morning and evening if I have time. Some days I skip altogether but aim for once a day. I’m also not great with measuring and tend to just eyeball it. You’ll find what works for your skin- too much vitamin C can sting a bit, so start gradually.

The aloe gel should be food grade (look for a dose recommendation and nutrition facts on it) that you can find in a health food store. Aloe meant for the skin, ironically, is usually going to have alcohol and other ingredients that aren’t great. DO NOT buy the cheap colored aloe! It should be clear, not bright green or blue!

For the vitamin C, look for ascorbic acid or l-ascorbic acid. Again, there should not  be a lot of other ingredients. I got one with rosehips which seems fine. Get the kind that is in a gelatin capsule- then just open a capsule and sprinkle it in your aloe as needed.

Daily C serum (one application)

1/2 tsp. aloe vera gel

small pinch vitamin C powder- about 1/4 of a capsule

Combine in a small dish, mix well, and apply to skin immediately. Follow with a moisturizer. Don’t forget the neck, hands, and anywhere else you may want some antioxidant power!

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